Every worship ministry can become more effective.

Whether your church needs assistance identifying or clarifying your worship priorities, arranging your staff and resources based on those priorities, or searching for worship leadership, UNISON can help.

UNISON connects you with the worship playbook, coaching, and leadership that are the right fit for your church.

Churches we work with align personnel and resources behind their worship priorities and identify leadership that is uniquely skilled to carry out those priorities; resulting in a more dynamic and effective worship ministry.

Take your leadership to the next level.

Your worship ministry is constantly changing, and you need to deliver consistently outstanding results.

UNISON's Worship Leadership Coaching gives leaders the ability to thrive in their role, ask the right questions, build trust, listen for understanding, encourage growth in staff and volunteers, and confidently chart the best path forward.

A practical version of your worship philosophy and priorities.

With your time divided between budgets, meetings, rehearsals, services, and the countless other duties that accompany worship ministry, there is little time left to think about your worship priorities. 

Through UNISON'S Worship Playbook service you can define your worship priorities, align your resources behind those priorities, and design a clear strategy toward an exceptional worship ministry.

A search that connects you with the person who will make the right fit for your church and your worship priorities.

Searching for worship leadership can be a challenging time in the life of a church.

UNISON'S Worship Leadership Search will help your church clarify who you are as an organization, discover what sort of candidate will be an ideal fit for your church, and identify the individual who will lead your worship ministry.