StaffPad Music Notation App Revisited

Six months ago, I wrote about the StaffPad music notation app. The app was brand new back then. Now it's had a few months to gain some users and generate some buzz.

Last week StaffPad turned up at the reveal for Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4.

StaffPad music notation on the Surface Pro 4

The best use yet for Microsoft's Surface Pen.

Posted by The Verge on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It looks like StaffPad and Surface Pro 4 could make a really nice, mobile music-notation setup. 

My biggest question is whether the creators of StaffPad will be releasing an iOS version now that the iPad Pro is set to release next month along with the Apple Pen (which, according to early reviews, has almost no latency between pen stroke and iPad/digital rendering).

If StaffPad is planning to challenge Finale and Sibelius, I think they're going to need to have the app available on both platforms.