Free Online Resource Library

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You've been assigned to play keys next Sunday morning with the band. In order to be prepared for the mid-week rehearsal, you look over all of the chord charts for the week. Most are familiar, but there's one new song. You search online and find a recording and notice that between each of the stanzas there is a turn and during the turn, the keyboard player is playing some sort of melodic figure. Being the highly skilled musician that you are, you could continue listening to the recording and figure out what the keyboard player is doing. But, it would be much simpler (and faster) if someone could just show you.

Well, if the song in question happens to be published by Austin Stone Worship, you're in luck. Austin Stone Worship is "a collection of worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, storytellers and artists serving and equipping the Church with content rich in theology, mission, and expression."

Austin Stone has produced multiple albums worth of music for use in worship services, and for each of these albums they create an extensive and very helpful set of resources. You can listen to a recording of the song, read a brief overview of the song's theology, view the chord chart and lyrics, and watch a video telling the "story behind the song." The final resource is the keyboard demonstration you were wishing you had available as you prepared for rehearsal. I've included the demo videos for the hymn "Nothing But The Blood" from Austin Stone's album King of Love, and you can view the entire resource library at the Austin Stone website. 

Happy rehearsing!