36 Resources to Grow Leaders

Matt Adair over at Griddiron recently published a really helpful list of resources that he uses to develop leaders. Prospective and growing leaders are divided into 4 tiers that correspond to a level of leadership within an organization:

  • Tier 1: Leading Yourself
  • Tier 2: Leading Others
  • Tier 3: Leading Teams
  • Tier 4: Leading an Organization

Within each of these tiers, Matt recommends 9 resources that fit into the following categories:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Skills
  3. Character
  4. Emotional Health
  5. Vocational Health
  6. Gospel Foundations
  7. Gospel of God's Kingdom
  8. Gospel of God's Cross
  9. Gospel of God's Grace

The resources cover the qualities needed to succeed in a given tier of leadership and once mastered, an individual will (theoretically) be ready to move to the next tier.

This tiered approach with repeating categories of resources in each tier is as good a way as I've come across to be certain that each leader at every level of an organization has been equipped to succeed. Visit the original blog post to see all of the resources. You may not like every book that Matt uses, but the system is a great one and could easily be altered to better fit your worship ministry or church. The really important thing is that you have some sort of process in place to ensure that your entire team knows where you're going and has the skills needed to thrive.