Music Through the Eyes of Faith

Music Through the Eyes of Faith, by Harold Best, is a book I re-read every few years. Dr. Best is Dean Emeritus of the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music and his book should be required reading for every Christian musician.

I'm embarking on another reading of Music Through the Eyes of Faith and over the coming weeks will be sharing some thoughts. These posts won't be a formal review and will not attempt to be comprehensive. I'll just be sharing items that stand out to me as I read - quotes, ideas, insights, and wisdom.

I trust you'll find them helpful as well.

For now, I'll leave you with these words from the forward to the book, written by Nicholas Wolterstorff:

What Harold Best sees when he looks at music through the eyes of his deeply felt, reflective, and generous Christian faith is an extraordinarily rich and exciting panorama. He tackles the tough questions that come to mind when people of faith reflect on music; when he’s not entirely satisfied with the answers he proposes, he tells us so. He strives for wholeness, integrity, between his life of faith and his life of music. But I predict that what will stay with the reader of this book longer than the memory of intellectual stimulation and longer than the memory of religious seriousness is the memory of celebration: a person of faith and learning celebrating great music in all its diversity.