Whether creating a Worship Playbook, coaching a leader, or conducting a Worship Leadership Search, churches that we work with align personnel and resources behind their priorities. Here are selected partners that Ben has worked with, helping each one identify their priorities and reach their goals.

Dr. Ben Ebner

What an incredible joy it has been working with Ben Ebner and UNISON! His credentials and experience are outstanding but that is not what sets him apart. It is his wisdom, listening ear, and ability to quickly understand the nuances and idiosyncrasies of a congregation. He took the time to understand us and not simply overlay a formula on the congregation. He is approachable, kind, and winsome and has the “chops” to speak to musicians of every stripe. We would gladly interact with Ben and UNISON again.

Rev. Andy Lewis // Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church // Greenville, SC

Nothing is more important to the life of a church than its worship. Our weekly gatherings break down barriers that keep us apart, renew our spirits when we are worn out, and empower us to serve a world that is broken. That’s the goal, at least. But sadly that’s often not the reality. Enter Ben Ebner. God has given Ben a broad range of experiences that will help you whether your church is small or large, liturgical or free, urban or rural. I know few others who can step into your context and offer the kind of biblical insight, historical understanding, personal experience, and willingness to serve that he does.

Dr. Matthew Hoskinson // The First Baptist Church in the City of New York

Ben Ebner is a gifted musician, administrator, and theologian. His broad education and rich ecclesiastical experience make for a unique and much-needed perspective for churches today. He is not only a student of Church history, but of individual church histories. Ben works hard to understand the story and culture of a local assembly. With the story in hand and the scriptures as a guide, he helps churches formulate and implement a set of biblical priorities that will mature the body, maximize the giftedness of the congregation, and honor Christ through worship.

Rev. Dan Brooks // Heritage Bible Church // Greer, SC

Ben Ebner’s musical giftedness is readily apparent to anyone who knows him. And so is his exceptional ability to communicate with individuals from diverse theological perspectives and walks of life. Ben’s good discernment and broad experience have, for many years, commended him to groups and leaders in a variety of networks. Without question, his abilities and connections make him the best choice for any church looking to refine its worship philosophy or find a worship leader that will further its mission.

Sarah E. Merkle, Attorney // Bradley Arant Boult Cummings // Birmingham, AL

Ben Ebner has a knack for helping churches ask the right questions about worship. In my previous pastorate, I had a front row seat as he helped our church define key terms (what is “blended” worship, anyway?), identify strengths and opportunities, clarify priorities, and articulate how our worship practice can and should flow out of our beliefs. From there, Ben was able to make specific recommendations about style, instrumentation, song selection, and even musical equipment. Ben is an asset to any church seeking to be more intentional in the way that music fits into mission and worship.

Rev. Todd Gwennap // Christ Presbyterian Church // Winterville, NC

If your church is examining worship priorities or seeking to hire a worship staff member, you will benefit from Ben’s wisdom and experience. Ben has the rare ability to lead well in a variety of situations, from directing a rehearsal of 200 musicians, to presenting to a board of church or community leaders, to teaching in a doctoral level classroom, to meeting with a church member over coffee. Ben’s winsome approach puts others at ease, resulting in better, more creative ideas and solutions.

Jean-Marie VunCannon // Arden Presbyterian Church // Arden, NC

Ben Ebner has been a precious gift to our ministry. With his help, we were able to examine our understanding of worship in the light of Scriptural principles. He helped us take a multitude of strongly held ideas and fashion a cohesive strategy for our growing ministry. As a talented musician, he showcased God’s timeless gift of music over the centuries. As a patient shepherd, he carefully guided us through the maze of cultural opinion, and proposed workable solutions to the anxieties of a culturally diverse congregation. Ben understands what it takes to develop a worship ministry that will make much of Jesus.

William Jana // Program Management Officer // Michelin North America

Elder Chairman // Heritage Bible Church // Greer, SC

I have observed Ben’s distinct giftedness at stimulating humble conversation that suspends judgment and invites clear-headed thinking. He is a vital resource for any church desiring to improve its worship ministry through thoughtful evaluation of philosophy and priorities.

Holly Stratton // Writer, Speaker, and Counselor // Detroit, MI