UNISON connects you with the person who will make the best fit for your church & your worship priorities.

Searching for worship leadership can be a challenging time in the life of a church. Existing employees become overloaded as they work to pick up the slack for a missing team member. Momentum slows in other areas of the ministry as attention is diverted to the worship leadership search.  Worst of all, focus on your mission is lost as the spotlight moves from your church's goals, to searching for the individual who will fill this role.

UNISON can help keep your staff members on task and your church on mission by conducting a Worship Leadership Search. Through UNISON'S Worship Leadership Search your church will clarify who you are as an organization, discover what sort of candidate will be an ideal fit for your church, and identify the individual who will lead your worship ministry.

what to expect

We begin with a free, one-hour conversation with your team leader.

UNISON will explore your church's unique identity, priorities, culture, and history by:

  • Conducting one-on-one conversations with selected team leaders
  • Reviewing your existing worship philosophy and priority documents
  • Providing a survey to be completed by multiple worship ministry leaders and participants
  • Evaluating a current worship service (via video recording)

UNISON will develop a candidate profile that describes the abilities and characteristics needed to thrive in your worship leadership role and deliver this profile to your team for sign-off.

UNISON will identify a group of candidates and evaluate them for alignment with your candidate profile.

UNISON will provide a list of recommended candidates to your leadership team.

After your leadership team has interviewed the candidates and selected your church's new worship ministry leader, UNISON will complete the Worship Leadership Search by offering an hour-long coaching session. This session will familiarize your new team member with UNISON'S research regarding your church's unique identity, priorities, culture, and history and will accelerate the process of your new worship staff member becoming a highly successful team member.