your church wants an exceptional worship ministry - We can help you get there.

With your time divided between budgets, meetings, rehearsals, services, and the countless other duties that accompany worship ministry, there is little time left to think about your worship priorities.  The service on Sunday ran smoothly and people seemed to enjoy it, but did it accomplish your priorities?  What are your priorities?

At UNISON, we take the time to understand your church's unique story, culture, and history. Whether you need assistance creating your church's first worship priority documents or need to identify how those priorities can be worked out in real life, UNISON can help you get there. Through UNISON'S Worship Playbook service you can clarify your worship priorities, align your resources behind those priorities, and design a clear strategy toward an exceptional worship ministry.

what to expect

We begin with a free, one-hour conversation with your team leader.

UNISON will explore your church's unique identity, priorities, culture, and history by:

  • Conducting one-on-one conversations with selected team leaders
  • Reviewing your existing worship philosophy and priority documents
  • Providing a survey to be completed by multiple worship ministry leaders and participants
  • Evaluating a current worship service (via video recording)

UNISON will create your Worship Playbook, detailing:

  • Clearly defined worship priorities
  • Existing damaging practices, methods, and processes
  • Worship priority communication and deployment strategies
  • Suggested coaching for staff members and musicians
  • Recommended resources (online and physical), training, and improvements (facilities and equipment)

UNISON will facilitate an hour-long follow-up conversation with your team leaders, for:

  • Discussion and clarification
  • Coaching
  • Further communication and deployment suggestions